stayst3ady6 asked:
Do you believe in a higher power? If so what is your perspective on him/her/it


yeah!!! definitely

idk what my perspective is…i love not being 100% sure about anything. it gives me some weird type of closure knowing that i don’t know how the universe works or what’s going to happen to me. i love being able to explore all kinds of possibilities because i’m not tied down to one!!

i guess at its simplest..i believe in the cosmic power of the universe..i believe there is a beautiful piece of the cosmos in all of us and we are all divine beings of light…we are timeless souls trapped in a decaying body on spiritual paths of enlightenment. god is in all of us, we are pieces of god, & together we create god. 

other than that..i’m not really sure. i love delving deep into different philosophies and ideas about god and the universe..i love hearing ideas about why and how we are here. i love exploring and analyzing different fascists about life and spirituality. i learn every single day!!